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Also, some people with disabilities are allowed to take driving tests in automatic vehicles.
ANXIOUS learner drivers could have their driving tests cancelled at the last minute due to a planned strike by examiners.
DRIVING tests could be cancelled next week as the Public and Commercial Services Union holds a two-day strike.
The union said up to 2,000 of its members are involved in the dispute, warning that thousands of driving tests will be affected by the strike across England, Wales and Scotland.
Changes to the practical driving test, for example, increasing independent driving including the use of a sat nav during the test; extending the hours during which driving tests can be conducted; and including a test candidates failure to demonstrate eco safe driving techniques as a possible reason for failing the driving test; The content and structure of the programme of training and the logbook used to record training; and Exemptions from completing a logbook for those required to resit the practical driving test having been disqualified or having had their licence revoked.
1939 -- Driving tests are suspended for the duration of World War II.
The Road Traffic Act was passed in 1934 and the legislation that paved the way for compulsory driving tests in the UK a year later.
Anyone who passed their driving tests after January 1997, and wish to tow a trailer over 750kg, are required to take a B + E Test if the total weight of both car and trailer is more than 3500kgs.
But the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said thegures showed driving tests are eective.
Driving test candidates whose first language isn't English can currently use an interpreter on both the theory and practical driving tests.

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