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adj. droll·er, droll·est
Amusingly odd or whimsically comical.
n. Archaic
An amusing or whimsically comical person.

[French drôle, from earlier, rascal, knave, from Middle French drolle, bon vivant, from Middle Dutch drol, hobgoblin, elf, from Old Norse troll, troll; see troll2.]

droll′ness n.
drol′ly adv.
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More Girl Than Friend and A9 North has the arch drollness of Pulp.
When I'm not working, I'm checking my mails and responding to them," he says with typical drollness.
The story, however, does not offer you anything that may be called 'inventive' but 'Besharam' surely deserves a watch for its drollness and characters which won't disappoint you.
Her straightforward manner, expressive voice, and uncanny drollness have kept her relevant after 15 years on the scene, but her voice has never sounded better than on this song.
Choi has a way to go before he reaches the same levels of drollness of those filmic predecessors, but the solid perfs and quirky humor found in his debut feature, "Sympathy for Us," suggests he has what it takes.
Peligrosa," he said with an unhurried drollness nothing in this part of Nebraska had prepared her for.
Additionally, even though Eleanor is a target of his drollness, Austen makes it clear how much Henry actually values his sister.
here, under your nose, here in the very curiousness and drollness and extraness of the iron and the bark" (332).
The self-conscious drollness extends into the stanza's final 'clamours of all size, both high and low' (1.
Long, tall, and slightly awkward, Soulimenko relishes the drollness of everyday tasks; his sly sense of humor subverts every expectation.