drool over

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Verb1.drool over - envy without restraint
hero-worship, idolise, idolize, revere, worship - love unquestioningly and uncritically or to excess; venerate as an idol; "Many teenagers idolized the Beatles"

w>drool over

vi +prep objrichtig verliebt sein in (+acc); everyone is drooling over the huge reward offeredalle sind scharf auf die hohe Belohnung; he sat there drooling over a copy of Playboyer geilte sich an einem Playboyheft auf (sl)
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The photo and video sharing service is exploring a new tool that will allow you to shop products you drool over while scrolling.
And there was a tied match to drool over at South Hetton where Eppleto n ended all square with their hosts, each side having scored 202, but with the visitors still having four wickets in the bank and Kyle Davis (104) wondering how his team didn''t win.
Dozens of website have already sprung up so fans can drool over the sexy cleric in cyber space.