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v. drooled, drool·ing, drools
1. To let saliva run from the mouth; drivel.
2. Informal To make an extravagant show of appreciation or desire.
3. Informal To talk nonsense.
To let run from the mouth.
1. Saliva.
2. Informal Senseless talk; drivel.

[Perhaps alteration of drivel.]
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n babeo
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References in classic literature ?
An old man, famous for his wisdom and his habit of drooling on his shirt- front, suggested that they first catch their hare.
When the cancer broke, she dressed it every day; sometimes she brought him some cake and placed him in the sun on a bundle of hay; and the poor old creature, trembling and drooling, would thank her in his broken voice, and put out his hands whenever she left him.
But for the fact that the white-gods were there below and were certain to be back at any moment, not many moments would Jerry have held the deck, for every lessened mile between the return boys and Malaita contributed a rising of their spirits, and under the imminence of their old-time independence, Lerumie, as an instance of many of them, with strong gustatory sensations and a positive drooling at the mouth, regarded Jerry in terms of food and vengeance that were identical.
The 69-year-old spoke of a "slackjawed and drooling" priest who appeared to get sexual pleasure from giving boys "the strap".
If your cat is drooling, she may be either overproducing saliva or having trouble swallowing it, and it is important to find out the cause.
I noticed that when the pain was coming back, he drooled a great deal, but when he took the homeopathic the drooling stopped.
Every dog owner has experienced ptyalism, aka drooling, at one time or another.
Zsa Zsa's 15 minutes in the limelight are over: the copiously drooling English bulldog named the World's Ugliest Dog just weeks ago has died.
Sialorrhea is characterized by excessive drooling or salivation.
He is sprightly enough but, recently, I've noticed he has started drooling. What can I do?
Drooling can be tackled in a slightly different way.
Summary: London [UK], august 11 (ANI): Jennifer Lawrence's 'Mother' has already left her fans drooling thanks to its bone-chilling trailer, but her fans are not going to be happy when they discover what she went through during the shooting of the horror flick.