drop down

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Verb1.drop down - fall or descend to a lower place or level; "He sank to his knees"
fall off, slump, sink - fall heavily or suddenly; decline markedly; "The real estate market fell off"
drop - let fall to the ground; "Don't drop the dishes"
drop open, fall open - open involuntarily; "His mouth dropped open"; "Her jaw dropped"
change posture - undergo a change in bodily posture
droop, sag, swag, flag - droop, sink, or settle from or as if from pressure or loss of tautness
sag down, sag - cause to sag; "The children sagged their bottoms down even more comfortably"
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References in classic literature ?
You haven't told me when he threatens to drop down upon me.'
Sooner or later, of course, he'd drop down upon me, like Wegg.
'But you had a mind to do it, if I had submitted,' growled Jeremiah, 'and that's why you drop down upon me.
'Unless you drop down upon me again,' returned the persistent Flintwinch, 'and then you must expect to hear of it again.'
I have seen dead horses, and I am sure they do not suffer pain; I wish I may drop down dead at my work, and not be sent off to the knackers."
There will be commotion at home and abroad, and men will drop down exhausted on the highways.
At one time they would beat a field like a setter dog, and drop down in an instant on a mouse unaware of them.
She had to let herself drop down to the reality to enjoy him as he really was.
A man, reading a newspaper, had just started up at the sight of the returning pigeon, when be heard the burr of Winn's engine and saw the huge monoplane, with all surfaces set, drop down upon him, stop suddenly on an air-cushion manufactured on the spur of the moment by a shift of the horizontal rudders, glide a few yards, strike ground, and come to rest not a score of feet away from him.
If the woman would only leave her work for an instant he could drop down, gather up a handful, and be back in the tree again before she drew three breaths.
Sometimes that means up as an eight into the box, sometimes to control the game, drop down deeper.
While our balance sheet is positioned for the next step in growth through the potential drop down of the Krotz Springs logistics assets, we continue to explore opportunities in the Permian Basin to support our future growth.