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Noun1.drop earring - an earring with a pendant ornamentdrop earring - an earring with a pendant ornament  
earring - jewelry to ornament the ear; usually clipped to the earlobe or fastened through a hole in the lobe
pendant, pendent - an adornment that hangs from a piece of jewelry (necklace or earring)
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This Aa is perfectly matched by a drop earring composed of each of these four cuts of diamonds to present a bridal set of sheer, show-stopping grandeur.
This can be matched by a drop earring of equal stature, boasting not one but two South Sea pearls, one at the ear lobe and the other at its base which are connected by a stem of white gold richly encrusted with diamonds,' he added.
Offering serious competition too as evening accompaniment is its shorter drop earring which brings a single Paspaley South Sea pearl in dazzling partnership with a pave diamond floral motif.
The Cacharel Jewelry set features a necklace and a drop earring set made in sterling silver.
Accessorized with clutch purse and one long drop earring, by Ungaro.
Gemstone beaded choker and matching mini stone drop earring, $225 and $75, Saks Fifth Avenue.
Vintage pearl drop earring and pearl bracelet, $84 and
Pearl and gold cuff bracelet, $8,970 and South Sea pearl drop earring, $1,305, Optional Art.
We're loving this new range of crystallised hoops and diamante drop earrings from Z for Accessorize which has just landed in stores.
com 9 DECO-RATION Draw attention in this art deco pair by Toolally, PS45, John Lewis 10 DISC TAKER Shine on in these iridescent drop earrings, PS8.
Today's collection at SM Accessories is not just for ladies who lunch, but for girls-creamy pearl drop earrings, statement necklaces and regal rings.
Earrings: Bronzo Italia Leverback Disc Drop Earrings, PS25, Qvcuk.