drop open

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Verb1.drop open - open involuntarilydrop open - open involuntarily; "His mouth dropped open"; "Her jaw dropped"
drop down, sink, drop - fall or descend to a lower place or level; "He sank to his knees"
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Fairlie, after first relieving himself by a gentle sigh, let the book drop open with one hand, and held up the tiny brush with the other, as a sign to the servant to wait for further orders.
WALKING WITH DINOSAURS Sky Movies Family 3PM Sit your tiniest ones down in front of this simple tale of an underdog triumphing against all odds, and watch their mouths drop open.
Feel your heart jump when you've dropped that dress size and your ex's jaw drop open when he sees you waltz past.
Their mouths drop open at the sight of the museum-quality vines -- thick as a man's thigh and old enough to have survived the phylloxera plague that wiped out many European vines around the turn of the 20th century.
This always makes my jaw drop open in astonishment as I envisage the hordes at the gates as joint families, relatives, friends and friends of friends make the most of this generous offer.
Allow your head to flop back and your jaw to drop open.
When children look at them you can see their mouths drop open and they stare.
The effects during these thrilling scenes are incredible - your jaw may well drop open as the White House is destroyed by an aircraft carrier landing on top of it and the Vatican crumbles.
I was travelling to school the other day when I noticed something that made my jaw drop open and my eyes widen.
He says: "With everyone who sees it, their mouths drop open.
Their mouths drop open when they walk in the door because they're so unique.
It's good when people's mouths drop open or they have a look under the microscope because they don't believe how small it is.