drop seat

drop′ seat`

1. a hinged seat, as in a taxicab, that can be pulled down for use.
2. a rear panel in the bottom half of a one-piece garment that can be opened and lowered separately.
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Supply and installation of desks, work chairs, wardrobes, racks, tables, visitor chairs, desk / type of bank, chairs with a drop seat, lecture chairs according to the technical specification, integral part of the documentation for participation.
The insulated high back and drop seat zipper system keep cold air out when sitting or bending over, as well as when answering Nature's Call.
The ladies version includes the drop seat facility with inconspicuous side fastening zip openings whilst the male version comes with chest hand warmer pockets.
Q: A resident is in a wheelchair with a drop seat for positioning.
The ladies version has a drop seat with an inconspicuous zip opening.
Designed specifically for stand hunters, Standmaster(r) Bibs incorporate large cargo pockets, bib pockets for binoculars, handwarmer pockets, sewn-in knee pads, suspenders, a drop seat, and full-length zippers.
Our seating and positioning aids, such as the Orthotic Reclining Backrest and Drop Seat, improve positioning and help prevent pressure sores.
The Women's version of the Coastal Hi-Fit trouser features a high front bib and drop seat facility.
AKEL and DIKO won't get 29 seats, but I believe the Greens will give them the extra vote to keep Garoyian as House president," said Igoumenides, adding, "but the key is for DIKO to drop seats so it can no longer play the role of kingmaker".