drop table

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drop′ ta`ble

a tabletop hinged to a wall, held in a horizontal position by a bracket while in use.
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As part of the project, work will entail reconfiguration of the existing tracks of the yard to facilitate access to the new facility, which will feature a new drop table of 125-ton, backed by the Washington State Department of Transportation, and an overhead bridge crane of 55-ton.
USPRwire, Tue Jun 13 2017] Recently, there are a lot of changes added in Runescape, such as Zulrah Drop Table, Serpentine Helm, Void Knight Ranged Set and Dropping and buy runescape 2007 gold in the Wilderness & PvP Areas.
When angled fire is required, the rifleman need only look at the Angle Drop Table (for your caliber and conditions).
The tear drop table is designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety especially in the kitchen where sharp angles and corners can be dangerous.
The test boards were attached to the drop table at the four corners, with the components facing downward.
The engine house drop table, as it is called, was unveiled in a ribbon-cutting ceremony in which Providence and Worcester President and Chief Operating Officer P.
He has continued to shorten his steps, has eliminated the slight jump reflected in this photo, raised his initial drop table height and eliminated the slight toe up of the left foot.
PACT's new Professional Chronograph features a built-in ballistic computer that calculates zero for a given load based on the actual velocity of the load then prints a complete drop table via its built-in dot-matrix printer.
The DROP TABLE command deletes a table from the currently selected database.
Once done, the Pro Chronograph prints a complete drop table.
Frequently, half-sine and sawtooth waveforms are applied by the drop table or electrodynamic shaker.
The work includes but is not limited to: Demolition of the existing edge of the inspection pits, including the existing drop table pit crossings, existing direct fixation rail plates, removal of existing track to the outside of the building, as well as removal of existing pit crossovers on Tracks 5 and 6.