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1. Something dropped.
2. droppings The excrement of animals.


(ˈdrɒp ɪŋ)

1. the act of one that drops.
2. something that drops.
3. droppings, dung.
[before 1000]
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Adj.1.dropping - coming down freely under the influence of gravity; "the eerie whistle of dropping bombs"; "falling rain"
descending - coming down or downward
References in classic literature ?
I'm afraid I shall have to scold the fellow, for I can't be dropping oil wherever I go.
Why, diving after the slowly descending head, Queequeg with his keen sword had made side lunges near its bottom, so as to scuttle a large hole there; then dropping his sword, had thrust his long arm far inwards and upwards, and so hauled out our poor Tash by the head.
Venus explained under what conditions, and with what views, the dropping down upon Mr Boffin was held over until the Mounds should be cleared away.
Mr Venus could only repeat that it was his fixed intention to betake himself to the paths of science, and to walk in the same all the days of his life; not dropping down upon his fellow-creatures until they were deceased, and then only to articulate them to the best of his humble ability.
It might have been the dropping of water from the cottage roofs while I passed through the village, or the groundless alarm of my own suspicious fancy, but I thought I was being followed as I walked back to the inn.
Bellevue Avenue was empty at that hour, and after dropping the stable- lad at the corner of Mill Street Archer turned down the Old Beach Road and drove across Eastman's Beach.
The dropping of the thing out of the open sky was a miracle well aimed to work upon their superstitious fears.
And so we went gadding along, dropping in here and there, pricing things, and gossiping with the shop- keepers about the riot, and now and then running across pathetic reminders of it, in the persons of shunned and tearful and houseless remnants of families whose homes had been taken from them and their parents butchered or hanged.