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 (drout) also drouth (drouth)
1. A long period of abnormally low rainfall, especially one that adversely affects growing or living conditions.
2. A prolonged dearth or shortage.

[Middle English, from Old English drūgoth; akin to drȳge, dry.]

drought′y adj.
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Having little or no precipitation:
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As in droughty regions baptism by immersion could only be performed symbolically, Mr.
This is good news, because the Big Sky State is susceptible to rooster-killing winters and droughty weather that can impact nesting success.
Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah noted that all out efforts are beings ensured for the betterment of droughty offerd affected Thar with a view to promote and develop the living standard of Tharies.
Instead, they suffered often from malnutrition; lived in cold, cramped, and droughty housing; and worked in professions that brought them into contact with one or another of the fatal diseases.
Macmillan Brown, the eccentric Scottish-born literary scholar, based in New Zealand, 'I have been tracking the Caucasian in the hair, features, and physique of the peoples of the Dutch East.' (1) In 1912, Brown sailed to 'Kissa', a droughty and bare island off the coast of East Timor, where he found 'Europeanism that has not yet melted into the dark ocean'.
Deep soils with high clay content tend to have a larger capacity to hold water, while shallow, rocky soils with less clay are droughty.
Store Cattle - With the droughty conditions upon us all at the moment, you would expect the store cattle trade to have eased up - on the contrary, all cattle were sharper on the week.
'But none of the departments working on the project took pains to save the green trees, which are no less than an asset in droughty and hilly areas of Balochistan,' the letter written by a Pishin resident to the SC, on which the notice was taken, had stated.
drought monitor scale [27], which offered an opportunity to explore differences in these parameters under droughty conditions of concern for genotype selection practices in the western portion of the loblolly pine range.
* Deer were coming off a very droughty spring and summer.
However, these trees could be saved by earmarking alternate route but none of the departments working on the project took pains to save the green trees which are not less than an asset in droughty and hilly areas of Balochistan.