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v. drubbed, drub·bing, drubs
1. To thrash with a stick.
2. To instill forcefully: drubbed the lesson into my head.
a. To defeat soundly.
b. To berate harshly.
4. To stamp (the feet).
1. To beat the ground; stamp.
2. To pound; throb.
A blow with a heavy instrument, such as a stick.

[Perhaps Arabic dialectal ḍrab, from ḍaraba, to hit; see ṣ́rb in Semitic roots.]

drub′ber n.
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a person who drubs or thrashes
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But the 33-year-old Wexford man said he's got more in common with corner boy Drubber from Trouble In Paradise than slick jockey Billy Tiernan in Rough Diamond.
"In Trouble In Paradise I am on the opposite end of the scale with Drubber.
He renamed the Giants the "Joints" while the home team became "Dooin's Drubbers" after their catcher-manager.