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Drudgery: the drudgework of household chores.
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Secretarial and clerical labor on its own has typically been understood as unskilled labor and drudgework. Recontextualizing typists and secretaries as print workers, however, challenges both of these assumptions.
Indeed, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used to carry out a greater and greater range of work practices, particularly in eliminating human drudgework in checking vast amounts of information, data and images.
Some people who are worried about privacy might want to keep their data as siloed as possible, but, when most people are using websites or other information systems, they find they like seeing the computer eliminate the drudgework involved with entering the same identifying information over and over and over again, LaVine said.
Students who have been brainwashed from birth with the talent myth tend to clutch their talent as a talisman, wielding it to ward off the unpleasant drudgework of practice.
But to market the true potential of the property, Capin also had to deal with the drudgework necessary to buy out the property's garage tenant, who had five years remaining on a lease--a lease without a cancellation clause.
The five highest castes are Scogan's superior beings, while the rest perform the drudgework. Ten Controllers run the world, and stability is enforced by brainwashing minds from infancy to accept their roles and by tranquilizing adults with soma.
Such templates take all the drudgework out of getting a standard CRM solution to work for loan officers.
Carter replied that such a desire would be utopian in his neighborhood, as he could only get black labor to do the drudgework. "I have always observed," Lee then insisted, "that wherever you find the Negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving."(4)