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A person who does tedious, menial, or unpleasant work.
intr.v. drudged, drudg·ing, drudg·es
To do tedious, unpleasant, or menial work.

[From Middle English druggen, to labor; akin to Old English drēogan, to work, suffer.]

drudg′er n.
drudg′ing·ly adv.
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DRAGON'S DEN returned for its zillionth series last week and, other than a personnel overhaul (including one bloke who looked like a hastily remoulded waxwork of former Dragon Theo Paphitis), things were drudgingly familiar.
Most locals drudgingly praise the bridge, but miss no opportunity to take a stab at the corruption and embezzlement that building it must have involved.
Louis Dupre even goes so far as to speak of forgetfulness of the self as "an even more serious threat to selfhood"--"routine work drudgingly performed, conventional ideas unquestioningly accepted, objective ideas never interiorized gradually erode the very possibility of growth and development ...