drug of abuse

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Noun1.drug of abuse - a drug that is taken for nonmedicinal reasons (usually for mind-altering effects); drug abuse can lead to physical and mental damage and (with some substances) dependence and addiction
amphetamine, pep pill, upper, speed - a central nervous system stimulant that increases energy and decreases appetite; used to treat narcolepsy and some forms of depression
drug - a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
gateway drug - a habit-forming drug that is not addictive but its use may lead to the use of other addictive drugs; "one college athlete recently called beer a gateway drug for young people"
LSD, lysergic acid diethylamide - a powerful hallucinogenic drug manufactured from lysergic acid
depressant, downer, sedative, sedative drug - a drug that reduces excitability and calms a person
soft drug - a drug of abuse that is considered relatively mild and not likely to cause addiction
baccy, tobacco - leaves of the tobacco plant dried and prepared for smoking or ingestion
alcohol, alcoholic beverage, alcoholic drink, inebriant, intoxicant - a liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent; "alcohol (or drink) ruined him"
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Methamphetamine Hydrochloride (shabu) was the most commonly used, with 91.23% of admissions saying it was their primary drug of abuse. There have been attempts in Congress to legalize medicinal marijuana but President Rodrigo Duterte has indicated he will not allow it.
The main factor driving the growth of global drug of abuse testing market is mounting awareness and stringent rules by the government regarding intake of several harmful drugs.
Table 1: Interactions between drugs of abuse and ARVs (33) Drug of abuse ARV Effects Amphetamines Ritonavir 2-3 fold increase in Amphetamine Methamphetamine Ritonavir / Saquinavir Overdose with Methamphetamine Ecstasy (MDMA) Ritonavir Overdose or death GHB (liquid X) Ritonavir / Saquinavir Increased levels of GHB Heroin Ritonavir Heroin levels may increase or decrease
In its broad range of product selections the MP Biomedicals Diagnostic Division's product line includes: EIA & RIA diagnostic test kits; Western Blot, ELISA & rapid test infectious disease kits; and Rapid Diagnostics Drug of Abuse tests.