drug withdrawal

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Noun1.drug withdrawal - the termination of drug taking
ending, termination, conclusion - the act of ending something; "the termination of the agreement"
cold turkey - complete and abrupt withdrawal of all addictive drugs or anything else on which you have become dependent; "he quit smoking cold turkey"; "she quit her job cold turkey"
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The egg residue data may be used to aid establishment of appropriate drug withdrawal time recommendations.
The study did not uncover any new safety signals, and toxicities were carefully managed with additional, supportive medication, dose interruptions/reductions or drug withdrawal.
Results: The mean MPV level that was measured at the time of drug withdrawal did not differ between groups, being 8.
Americans formerly imprisoned by Iran describe being subjected to electric shock, forced drug withdrawal, whippings and solitary confinement," Royce said according to a media release from the committee.
Marijuana use is also often associated with increased hunger, known as "the munchies" and many heavy users report a loss of appetite following drug withdrawal.
There are those who cannot handle the effects of drug withdrawal and would choose to die than endure the pain.
Compared to patients who maintained remission (n = 19) after drug withdrawal, patients who experienced relapse (n = 17) had significantly higher levels of serum immunoglobulin G at entry (15.
Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is a postnatal drug withdrawal syndrome that occurs primarily among opioid-exposed infants shortly after birth, often manifested by central nervous system irritability, autonomic overreactivity, and gastrointestinal tract dysfunction (1).
Reaction of drug withdrawal is a series of psychiatric symptoms and somatic symptoms, which appear in a sudden stop the using of antipsychotic drugs.
The doses gradually increase until [the individuals] reach the stage of addiction, at which point the patient faces the negative effects of drug withdrawal when they try to stop and end up committing crimes to get more drugs to feed the addiction," said Dr.
Alan Sosin, who has worked with drug withdrawal and assisted many individuals to wean off psychotropic drugs and get their lives back with healthy alternatives said:
They want Health Secretary Shona Robison to launch a national helpline for sufferers as well as proper recognition their conditions were caused by prescribed drug withdrawal.