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Adj.1.drug-addicted - addicted to a drug
addicted - compulsively or physiologically dependent on something habit-forming; "she is addicted to chocolate"; "addicted to cocaine"
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"The state government is leaving no stone unturned to eradicate the menace of drugs." Namrita Gupta who has been counselling drug-addicted women in Amritsar says housewives, students and working women are all in the grip of the menace.
Provincial hospital administrative officer Mohammad Rafiq Sherzai said 12 drug-addicted people had died dead since the beginning of the winter.
10,000 drug-addicted citizens are officially registered in Kyrgyzstan, the press service of Ministry of Health said on May 27, referring to Deputy Chairman of State Drug Control Service (GSKN) Gulamjan Anarbaev.
In addition, the Brookhaven researchers found reductions in dopamine D2 receptors in pathologically obese subjects similar to that observed in drug-addicted subjects.
IT beggars belief that a drug-addicted couple has produced twins as the result of NHS fertility treatment
REFORMED addict Lisa Gilmour is a great example of what can be done for drug-addicted children with the right help and support.