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also drug·gy  (drŭg′ē)
n. pl. drug·gies Slang
One that takes or is addicted to drugs.


(Recreational Drugs) informal a drug addict. Also called: drugster


or drug•gy

(ˈdrʌg i)

n., pl. -gies. Slang.
a habitual user of drugs, esp. a narcotic or illicit drug.
[1965–70, Amer.]


n (inf)Drogenkonsument(in) m(f), → Drogi m (inf)
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Druggies have used the building for years and the owner planned to bulldoze it and erect flats.
The NHS shouldn't fund anything to do with lifestyle choice, that's not why it was invented, the NHS is there for emergencies and people with diseases and illness, not for lazy fat people to get thin the easy way Patty Kramer JUST wondering if this would be the same for smokers, druggies and drinkers and those who are very underweight as well?
Colonel Adnan Ali Al Zaabi, director of the RAK Police's anti-narcotics department, said on Wednesday that they arrested the five druggies with banned narcotic crystals, intended for trafficking across the country.
DID 'The Punisher' just own up to the killing of druggies?
"He told me he was wearing his jacket and says he was told by a teacher he couldn't wear it in school because it had a hood and made him look a robber or a criminal and it is what druggies wear.
Geraint Jones I CERTAINLY expected a Newport street to be somewhere in the top 10, pretty pleased that it isn't Jack Taylor ABERDARE town centre is full of druggies!!
Give give give to the smackheads, druggies, alcoholics, social workers support this system."
The Public Security Department (PSD) said in a statement that the Anti-Narcotics team "accomplished its mission by launching intensive campaigns against drug dealers and druggies across the Kingdom".
Benefit scroungers, druggies and shoplifters - proud of what they were doing.
Blyth also got the Channel 4 treatment when it was depicted as a place full of druggies and layabouts.
The NHS spend billions on druggies and scammers, PS200,000 a year is a small price to pay to give a healthy future to a little girl with her whole life in front of her.
The druggies round here don't go and see the doctor.