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Adj.1.drugless - without the use of drugs; "drugless therapy"
healthful - conducive to good health of body or mind; "a healthful climate"; "a healthful environment"; "healthful nutrition"; "healthful sleep"; "Dickens's relatively healthful exuberance"
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An MoU on cooperation in the field of traditional systems of medicine was also signed to develop and strengthen cooperation in traditional systems of medicine including regulation of teaching, practice, drugs and drugless therapies.
Promotion including the regulation of teaching, practice, drugs and drugless therapies, Traditional Medicine and Homeopathy
Chiropractic, later surviving the onslaught of professionally led legal alienation, became the largest drugless primary care physician group in the country, and the third largest group of primary care physicians overall, behind MDs and DOs.
It contains many drugless and nonsurgical methods to improve health and treat many illnesses.
The programme aims to promote 'authentic' yoga as a preventive, rehabilitative and health-promoting drugless therapy.
I would have wanted to accomplish a drugless society where there is zero drug use but this is almost impossible, Dela Rosa said.
That year umbrella legislation was passed under the Drugless Practitioners Act (DPA) and a Board of Regents chosen, with jurisdiction over chiropractors, osteopaths, drugless therapists, masseurs and chiropodists.
She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and received certification for holistic health coaching from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
He is known as "the Drugless Doctor," as well as for the Dr.
Though the basic Nature Cure deals only with Pancha Mahabhootas, the recent developments advocates the practice of drugless therapies like Massage, Electrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Acupressure, Magneto-therapy etc.
The facility is staffed by 12 trained alternate therapists and practitioners who heal through a non-invasive, drugless therapy that combines Indian nature cure with yoga, diet therapy, physiotherapy and acupuncture.
Since the 1920s, II'ia Zakharevich Vel'vovskii (1899-1981), his mentor Konstantin Ivanovich Platonov (1877-1969), and others had been developing a psychotherapeutic drugless method for preventing birthing pains primarily by using suggestion and hypnosis on pregnant women.