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Noun1.drum sander - a power tool used for sanding wooddrum sander - a power tool used for sanding wood; an endless loop of sandpaper is moved at high speed by an electric motor
electric motor - a motor that converts electricity to mechanical work
power tool - a tool driven by a motor
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A Dremel tool with a drum sander makes quick work of this task.
8,162 SF hardwood athletic flooring, including sanding the floor to the bare wood, rotary sanding or screened to remove all drum sander marks, apply coats of gym seal in preparation for the application of game lines, lettering and/or logos and two coats of oil-modified or three coats of water based urethane gym finish applied.
They are unlikely to approach a bored assistant and say: "I'd like a Black and Decker cushion drum sander, a pack of decking screws, dark wood creosote and something to bind and gag my wife during dangerous sexual encounters.
Winchester has also upgraded the facility with a Brandt edgebander, SawStop tablesaws, an Altendorf sliding tablesaw, and a Buttering Optimat SKO 213 drum sander with pneumatic rolls.
dual oscillating drum sander features over a half-inch of oscillating travel, quick change sandpaper and an independently adjustable rear drum.
Because the outside diameter of 3/4-inch galvanized pipe is a little greater than 1 inch, he enlarges the hole a little bit with a drum sander.
Next cut the shape (Photo 2) and smooth it with a drum sander or a sanding block.
The builder ran the wood through a drum sander to smooth it, mitered all the corners and edges, then applied three layers of a water-base urethane.
Two types of sanders are required for this job - the large drum one is for the main areas and a smaller disk sander will be used where the floor meets the skirting board, which is too tight for the drum sander to get into.
Updated drum sander kits and refills are available in both 3/4-in.
After an informative introduction, various tools and issues relevant to shop projects are covered including sharpening techniques and station, downdraft workbench, lumber and plywood storage, mobile clamping cart, drill press vise, shop built disc sander, sandpaper caddy, avoiding kickback and binding options, and a deluxe drum sander.
Other tools include a drum sander, which has reduced the need for hand sanding by two thirds, and a four-cutter machine, which allows more rough timber to be dressed simultaneously.