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Adj.1.drum-shaped - shaped in a form resembling a drum
formed - having or given a form or shape
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The operation was carried out by 617 Squadron in modified Lancaster Mk IIIs carrying special drum-shaped bouncing bombs, which had been designed by British engineer Barnes Wallis.
The product's features allow difficult machining tasks, such as drilling conically tapered holes and drum-shaped holes, as well as micro-precision machining of difficult-to-cut, hard or brittle materials.
Revised plans submitted to Kirklees Council call for a narrower, canopied entrance to the proposed new development at Cross Church Street instead of the previously proposed drum-shaped entrance - which would have replicated the entrance to the shopping centre at the corner of King Street and Cross Church Street.
On the inside on that shaft is a drum-shaped unit with steel pegs surrounding it.
Made of tin sheet, it had a vertical chimney in the middle of a drum-shaped chamber which was filled with water.
Tips of your fingers are drum-shaped and your nails, though strong, are yellow in colour.
Arguably the most famous RAF squadron, the original crew dropped drum-shaped bombs which bounced over water and exploded at the base of dam walls.
It is arguably the most famous squadron in the RAF, with the original crew carrying drum-shaped bombs which bounced over water and exploded at the base of dam walls.
The drum-shaped shade emits a warm no-glare glow ambient/accent light.
At the lightest end of the shredder market, you'll find drum-shaped devices (about $100 to $200) that convert piles of leaves into piles of mulch using everything from string-trimmer blades to highly engineered spinning metal shredding knives.