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pl.n. Informal
A choice or preference: "Given their druthers, these hell-for-leather free marketeers might sell the post office" (George F. Will).

[Alteration of the phrase 'd rather, from would rather.]


pl n
informal jocular US wishes or preferences


(ˈdrʌð ərz)

n. Informal.
one's own way, choice, or preference: If I had my druthers, I'd dance all night.
[1870–75; pl. of druther, (I, you, etc.) 'd rather (contraction of would rather)]
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Noun1.druthers - the right or chance to choose; "given my druthers, I'd eat cake"
alternative, option, choice - one of a number of things from which only one can be chosen; "what option did I have?"; "there no other alternative"; "my only choice is to refuse"
wish - the particular preference that you have; "it was his last wish"; "they should respect the wishes of the people"


[ˈdrʌðəz] N (US) if I had my drutherssi por mí fuera
References in classic literature ?
Any way you druther have it, that is the way I druther have it.
There ain't any druthers ABOUT it, Huck Finn; nobody said anything about druthers.
The judge and the widow went to law to get the court to take me away from him and let one of them be my guardian; but it was a new judge that had just come, and he didn't know the old man; so he said courts mustn't interfere and separate families if they could help it; said he'd druther not take a child away from its father.
Given the service history of Continental alternators, our druther is to have one belt driven.
Given my druthers, I'd druther have a bigger caliber than .
Sets, Scott Pask; costumes, David Kaley; lighting, Jeff Croiter; sound, Simon Matthews; production stage manager, Ritchard Druther.