dry cleaner

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tr.v. dry-cleaned, dry-clean·ing, dry-cleans
To clean (clothing or fabrics) with chemical solvents that have little or no water.

dry cleaner n.
dry cleaning n.

dry′ clean′er

1. a business that does dry cleaning.
2. the owner or operater of such a business.
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Noun1.dry cleaner - the operator of dry-cleaning establishmentdry cleaner - the operator of dry-cleaning establishment
market keeper, shopkeeper, storekeeper, tradesman - a merchant who owns or manages a shop
kemijska čistonica
hiệu giặt khô là hơi

dry cleaner

مَحَلُّ التَّنْظِيفِ الـجافّ čistírna renseri chemische Reinigung καθαριστήριο tintorería kuivapesula pressing kemijska čistonica tintoria ドライクリーニング屋 세탁소 stomerij renseri pralnia chemiczna lavandaria a seco, lavanderia a seco химчистка kemtvätteri ร้านซักแห้ง kuru temizleyici hiệu giặt khô là hơi 干洗店
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The EPA has proposed adding a former Atlantic dry cleaner site to the Superfund program's National Priorities List, potentially making the site eligible for long-term cleanup funding.
Traditional dry cleaner operating in a popular strip center in Hialeah.
SHARES in dry cleaner Johnson Service Group have been boosted after the company unveiled a major disposal to ease its debt worries.
He came back to pick them up a few days later only to find that the dry cleaner had lost them.
A ZENA SAYS: The Textile Services Association (TSA), the trade association for reputable dry cleaners and laundries, recommends taking your duvets and pillows to the dry cleaner every six months.
Perc levels in buildings with an operating dry cleaner, or simply near a dry cleaner, have ranged up to 55,000 [micro]g/[m.
Recognizing the potential savings is one thing, but identifying a competent dry cleaner is another.
The alliance hopes to establish a preferred vendor relationship with insurance carriers, third-party claims managers and disaster restoration specialists, and become a single point of reference to locate the most qualified restoration dry cleaner in a specific area.
Ask for referrals from satisfied friends and relatives, but also find a dry cleaner with whom you feel comfortable.
In fact, if a dry cleaner on Pardi's property switches to Rynex, he gives them a rent reduction upon renewal of the lease.
We've teamed up with Johnsons Dry Cleaners/Pullars - the nation's largest dry cleaner - to give lucky readers the chance to save up to pounds 10 off your dry cleaning bill
Consequently, piles of clothing get lugged to the local dry cleaner, for fear of turning another silk dress into a rag or shrinking still more wool sweaters into garments for the family dog.