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Noun1.dry mouth - abnormal dryness of the mouth resulting from decreased secretion of saliva
dryness, waterlessness, xerotes - the condition of not containing or being covered by a liquid (especially water)
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"In the name of our love, forgive me!" she whispered with a dry mouth. "I have forgiven you for the same!"
He had to come in there with a dry mouth. "I never thought of finding you here," he added, murmuring steadily, with his elbows planted on the table.
Little creeks ran into the river in the wet season, but now their dry mouths hung clear above water-line.
They found that nearly 50 per cent of the participants reported experiencing tooth symptoms, 25.5 per cent reported dry mouth.
There are many underlying causes of bad breath, but the most common causes tend to be dry mouth (leading to lack of saliva through smoking, drinking alcohol, snoring and long periods of speaking to name but a few), eating certain foods (such as onions, garlic, curry, coffee, dairy, meat, fish and refined and processed sugars) and illness and disease (according to studies, an estimated 10% of all halitosis cases are caused by certain illnesses).
Salagen is indicated for the treatment of symptoms of dry mouth from salivary gland hypofunction caused by radiotherapy for cancer of the head and neck and the treatment of symptoms of dry mouth in patients with Sjogren's Syndrome, said the company.
Dry mouth occurs when you don't have enough saliva to spit or keep your mouth naturally moist.
With this merger, Quest will add the OraCoat brand of oral care products and its flagship product, Xylimelts for Dry Mouth. Xylimelts employs patented technology backed by research and medical science to safely prevent dry mouth while the user sleeps via all-natural, non-acidic oral-adhering discs that slowly release safe ingredients.
THE BREATH CO MOUTH WETTING LOZENGES RELIEVE a dry mouth and refresh your breath with these mandarin mint lozenges which contain zinc, oxygen and xylitol to attack germs.
Most of the studies reported that patients with SCIs had poor dental hygiene practices and higher dental problems.14,15,18 SCI patients showed high dental plaque, more gingival bleeding, and higher dental caries than the healthy controls.14 Additionally, dry mouth and smoking were significantly associated with dental problems.15 Perception of oral health status by patients with SCIs is one of the barriers that prevent the access of dental health care.17 Physical barriers such as wheelchair inaccessibility preventing access to dental care and dental fear were common and significant factors to prevent the access to dental health care.16
1, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Phantom odor perception in middle-aged and older individuals is associated with poor health, persistent dry mouth, and head injury, according to a study published online Aug.
You always seem to have a dry mouth and you're on antidepressants.