dry vermouth

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Noun1.dry vermouth - dry pale amber variety
vermouth - any of several white wines flavored with aromatic herbs; used as aperitifs or in mixed drinks
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Ingredients - single serve: 30ml Tanqueray London Dry Gin, 5ml bergamot liqueur, 5ml Belvoir Elderflower Cordial, 30ml Belsazar Dry Vermouth.
?Ingredients: Single serve: 30ml anqueray London dry gin, 5ml bergamot queur, 5ml Belvoir elderflower cordial, ml Belsazar dry vermouth.
There's a few versions, as you might imagine using different bitters, blends of sweet and dry vermouth and even Maraschino syrup for a particularly sweet one.
1/4 cup dry sherry (may substitute dry vermouth or unsweetened apple cider)
Prince Charles reportedly prefers cherry brandy or a 50/50 martini made from gin and dry vermouth, whilst Camilla enjoys a gin and tonic.
Germain liqueur, cranberry juice; and the Q, with Belvedere Single Estate rye vodka, Dolin dry vermouth, Lillet, sea salt and orange bitters.
Ingredients: 75ml vodka or London Dry gin, 220ml dry vermouth. Method: Measure the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and top up to the brim with ice.
Simon & Seaforts offers up a number of unique martinis including the Simon & Seafort's Martini made with Grey Goose vodka or Hendrick's gin, Noilly Prat dry vermouth, and your choice of Point Reyes Farmstead blue cheese stuffed olives or a lemon twist.
That is made up of Ketal One Vodka or Tanquery Gin stirred with Kalamata olives, thyme and Martini Extra Dry Vermouth.
|Quarantine, Manilla, The Philippines Ingredients: 45ml white rum, 7ml gin, 7ml dry vermouth, 7ml lemon juice, 7ml orange juice, 7ml simple syrup, 5ml dry anis or 2 dashes absinthe, 1 egg white, lemon peel to garnish.