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Noun1.drydock - a large dock from which water can be pumped outdrydock - a large dock from which water can be pumped out; used for building ships or for repairing a ship below its waterline
docking facility, dockage, dock - landing in a harbor next to a pier where ships are loaded and unloaded or repaired; may have gates to let water in or out; "the ship arrived at the dock more than a day late"
floating dock, floating dry dock - dry dock that can be submerged under a vessel and then raised
shipyard - a workplace where ships are built or repaired
Verb1.drydock - maneuver (a ship) into a drydock
dock - maneuver into a dock; "dock the ships"
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Seven months out o' drydock, an' the West Coast the quickest place for foulun' un the world.
Drydocks World has applied for a hearing a special Dubai tribunal to overcome the "small minority" of its creditors who oppose its $2.2 billion debt restructuring plan
The drydock complex, the centerpiece of an ambitious Duqm master plan in northern Oman, will have a capacity to handle vessels of all sizes, including Ultra Large Crude Carriers (ULCCs) of up to 600,000 dead weight tonne (DWT) capacity.
Drydocks World also announced that it has achieved a five star rating from its Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit conducted by the British Safety Council.
He said that if the company is able to implement this plan, the level of activity in the drydock will increase by about ten times, which could create 9,000 direct jobs and other 9,000 indirect jobs, as well as increasing the level of economic activity of the drydock to about US$500mn per year.
Duqm: The planned additional drydock activities at Duqm are expected to give the Sultanate's economy a boost, according to a senior official.
of Oman Drydock Company, said: "We are planning to increase the
Seward Ship's Drydock operates as a full service shipyard and drydock facility, in Seward, Alaska.
Edgar Wanga, commercial manager at Curacao Drydock, told CubaNews that "after 11 years together, we decided to terminate the venture so that we could give more attention to the shipyard in Curacao because of fierce competition in the Caribbean."
To fix the hog, Old Ironsides was settled in the bottom of the drydock on 31 concrete keel blocks, each topped with a metal frame filled with sand.
Abdul Malik bin Abdullah al- Hinai, Advisor of the Ministry of Finance and Chairman of ODC said that Oman Drydock Company celebrates today its success in repairing ' Olympic Luck 'vessel, the 300th vessel to be repaired since the company has started operation.
The profit participating loan will be retired earlier than 15 years if Drydocks' business performance exceeds expectations or if it receives proceeds from asset disposals, such as a stake in its Southeast Asian business, the person said.