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Noun1.dscDNA - double-stranded cDNA
cDNA, complementary DNA - single-stranded DNA that is complementary to messenger RNA or DNA that has been synthesized from messenger RNA by reverse transcriptase
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About 5 pg total RNA from each sample was used for labeling and array hybridization following these steps: (1) Reverse transcription by Invitrogen Superscript ds-cDNA synthesis kit; (2) dscDNA labeling with NimbleGen one-color DNA labeling kit; (3) array hybridization using the NimbleGen Hybridization System, followed by washing with the NimbleGen wash buffer kit; (4) array scanning using the Axon GenePix 4000B microarray scanner (Molecular Devices Corporation).
To construct the cDNA library, 5'-ends of newly synthesized dscDNAs were ligated with EcoRI adapter DNA by DNA ligase, and the 3'-ends of the cDNA were trimmed by XhoI.