du Bellay

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du Bel·lay

 (do͞o bə-lā′, dü bĕ-lā′), Joachim
See Joachim du Bellay.

du Bellay

(French dy bɛlɛ)
(Biography) See Bellay

du Bel•lay

(du bɛˈleɪ)
Joachim, Bellay, Joachim du.
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The fifty-seven Paeans show a pious character; the poet addresses the Virgin Mary, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and even God himself, but also friends, noblemen such as cardinal Jean du Bellay, and Macrin's wife Gelonis (1,16; 1,17).
The studies provide reinterpretations of well-known texts by Rabelais, Du Bellay, and Montaigne, as well as considerations of lesser-known French emblematic fables.
1) Du Bellay specifically advocates writing elegies "a l'exemple d'un Ovide, d'un Tibule [sic] et d'un Properce" (207).
The speaker must therefore embark on a journey of repeated representation and praise to try to retrieve the unretrievable past; and, as Petrarch does so frequently in the Canzoniere, Du Bellay marks the ongoing nature of this camino by ending the sonnet with the use of the iterative present: "Je vays chantant vostre gloire plus belle" ("I go along singing your most beautiful glory").
Joachim du Bellay was added to this group by Ronsard, and these five young poets, along with and under the direction of Dorat, formed a society for the reform of French language and literature.
A companion of Ronsard at the College de Coqueret in Paris, Du Bellay was one of the founders of the Pleiade and author of its poetic program: Defense et illustration de la langue francaise.
Dans cette perspective de l'imitatio--mise en lumiere par la redecouverte de la Poetique d'Aristote--, il s'agit donc de se pencher sur la notion de la digestion, concept fondamental pour les lettres renaissantes sur lequel insista notamment Joachim Du Bellay dans son fameux traite et qui est censee s'inspirer des Anciens et des Italiens pour anoblir les lettres francaises dans le but d'aboutir a des chefs-d'oeuvre originaux (6).
She draws our attention to the fascinating story of a man who was employed variously by Cardinal Du Bellay, the Schmalkaldic League, and the city of Strasbourg, and who was much influenced by that city's religious and political liminality.
From Tasso to Sidney, Cervantes to Du Bellay, smaller and larger echoes are rife.
In 1553, Joachim du Bellay sets out for Rome on a diplomatic and poetic mission: he is secretary to his older relative Cardinal Jean du Bellay, and he is in search of the ancient models that will provide the source of a new French poetry, the task of the latter laid out four years earlier in his Deffence et Illustration de la Langue Francoyse.
While studying in Paris, La Taille came under the influence of Pierre de Ronsard and Joachim du Bellay.
Its complex conceits, most popularly associated with the school, were paralleled and excelled in " fantastic " character in the baroque Spanish and Italian schools, and its use of imagery from the trades, professions, arts, and crafts was foreshadowed by practice in Italian and French poetry of the 16th century and by a critical recommendation in the D efense et illustration de la langue francaise of Joachim du Bellay.