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 (dŭb′ĭn) also dub·bing (-ĭng)
An application of tallow and oil for dressing leather.

[From dub.]


(ˈdʌbɪn) or


(Textiles) Brit a greasy mixture of tallow and oil applied to leather to soften it and make it waterproof
[C18: from dub to dress leather; see dub1]


(ˈdʌb ɪn)

also dub•bing


a mixture of tallow and oil used in dressing leather.
[1815–25; variant of dubbing; see dub1, -ing1]
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Noun1.dubbin - tallow mixed with oil; used to make leather soft and waterproof
tallow - obtained from suet and used in making soap, candles and lubricants


[ˈdʌbɪn] Nadobo m impermeable, cera f


nLederfett nt
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Mao, Rachel Willard-Grace, Leslie Dubbin, and Elizabeth Davis), with each transcript having at least two different coders.
The boots were manufactured with the leather's "flesh" side facing out (known by the US Military as "roughout") and ultimately coated by soldiers with Dubbin (a mixture of natural waxes and oils).
As Dubbin (2013) points out, a Twitter bot can be written in almost any modern programming language.
The dubbin restored grease to the leather, making it more waterproof and suppler; it coaxed the animal partly back to life.
TRUMPED: By the proper caseball the lad on the corner brought out one day, perfectly round and formed, with its leather panels treated to a hand-applied coating of waterproofing Dubbin.
Tel: 02476 223343) DUBBIN Violet Lily Vi Formerly of Lower Stoke, Coventry.
Dubbin, Chair of the Joint Interim Constitution Revision Comm'n, to Sen.
You'd be sat there with dubbin and you'd have to polish them every day after training.
I'd certainly advise the use of black boot polish or dubbin to cover up those horrible boots - who really thinks different colour boots on each foot is a good thing?
Experts on individual level stand akimbo but individual efforts cannot dubbin the situation.
The Ben Johnson scandal led almost directly to the Dubbin Inquiry (into drugs and sport) and to a national debate about our national priorities and values.