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1. Any of various gold coins formerly used in certain European countries.
2. Slang
a. A piece of money.
b. An admission ticket.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Old Italian ducato, from Medieval Latin ducātus, duchy (a word used on one of the early ducats); see duchy.]
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1. (Currencies) any of various former European gold or silver coins, esp those used in Italy or the Netherlands
2. (Currencies) (often plural) any coin or money
[C14: from Old French, from Old Italian ducato coin stamped with the doge's image, from duca doge, from Latin dux leader]
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(ˈdʌk ət)

1. any of several gold coins formerly issued in various parts of Europe.
2. Slang. a ticket to a public performance.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Middle French < early Italian ducato < Medieval Latin ducātus duchy]
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Noun1.ducat - formerly a gold coin of various European countriesducat - formerly a gold coin of various European countries
coin - a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money
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[ˈdʌkɪt] Nducado m (moneda)
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n (Hist) → Dukaten m
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References in classic literature ?
In his flight he had forgotten the most valuable things he had, the blue light and the gold, and had only one ducat in his pocket.
And all the wild boys in Venice follow after him mocking him and crying, "His stones, his daughter and his ducats!"
And all for three thousand ducats! "Oh," cries Portia when she hears, "what a paltry sum!
"And I think so too," answered Don Quixote; then passing on to the third he asked him what he had asked the others, and the man answered very readily and unconcernedly, "I am going for five years to their ladyships the gurapas for the want of ten ducats."
"That," said the galley slave, "is like a man having money at sea when he is dying of hunger and has no way of buying what he wants; I say so because if at the right time I had had those twenty ducats that your worship now offers me, I would have greased the notary's pen and freshened up the attorney's wit with them, so that to-day I should be in the middle of the plaza of the Zocodover at Toledo, and not on this road coupled like a greyhound.
"And I mean to take it out of pawn," said Gines, "though it were in for two hundred ducats."
Nay, the debts due to the French and Dutch are to be paid in militiamen instead of louis d'ors and ducats. At one moment there is to be a large army to lay prostrate the liberties of the people; at another moment the militia of Virginia are to be dragged from their homes five or six hundred miles, to tame the republican contumacy of Massachusetts; and that of Massachusetts is to be transported an equal distance to subdue the refractory haughtiness of the aristocratic Virginians.
9,000 ducats, proving her love for scientific experiments.
DUTCH GRAND PRIX (Assen).- Leading grid positions for today's MotoGP race: 1 L Capirossi (It) Ducat 1m 59.770s; 2 M Biaggi (It) Honda 1:59.941; 3 V Rossi (It) Honda 1:59.964; 19 J McWilliams (Britain) Proton 2:03.996.
The ring-sponsors may not send the bride or anyone else associated with the wedding a present of anything other than six forks and six spoons, whose value may not exceed one ducat each.
anticipated capacity, you can't set a top ducat without taking the rest of the Street into account.
"It is very rewarding to make it (the Districts) again," said Tahanto coach John Ducat, who has 221 career victories.