duck down

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: down - down of the duck
duck - small wild or domesticated web-footed broad-billed swimming bird usually having a depressed body and short legs
down, down feather - soft fine feathers
eiderdown - down of the eider duck
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When Ajax lifted his shield Teucer would peer round, and when he had hit any one in the throng, the man would fall dead; then Teucer would hie back to Ajax as a child to its mother, and again duck down under his shield.
We wasted half an hour fussing over that dead duck down under, and now I'm expected to go rubbin' my back all round the Pole.
Our indulgent made-to-order Eiderdown Duvet is filled purely with precious Eider duck down and encased in a soft, temperatureregulating silk casing.
The prices of poultry and eggs fell slightly, with those of chicken and duck down 1.
com/scv (online adoptions are open until September 30th), score a chance to win one of several cash prizes, including the grand prize of $2500 for the fastest duck down the waterway.
The singer has to duck down while three stage hands pull the boxes through the audience.
We reached Al Twal and we were waiting for some papers to reach the Saudi borders when the fighting broke between the Houthis and the Saudi Army, a soldier came into the bus and told us to duck down, we were later taken into the camp to avoid the shelling until our papers came through," said one the Yemenis who fled Sana'a with a group of 21 people in a bus through Al Twal.
On a crisp spring morning, with copious layers of duck down and a hat, I have witnessed singledigit temperatures being deemed suitable for toplessness.
ABOUT DUCK DOWN GUIDE SERVICE:: Duck Down Guide Service is Stuttgart's premier waterfowl hunting outfitter.
uk) WITH a duck down filling this beautiful fade to grey cushion will feel super soft.
The list of dos and don'ts she gives would take up an A3 sheet, If I see her coming my way I think I will duck down another street.