ducking stool

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duck·ing stool

A chair attached to a board or pole, formerly used as a punishment for offenders, in which a person was tied and ducked into water.

ducking stool

(Historical Terms) history a chair or stool used for the punishment of offenders by plunging them into water

duck′ing stool`

a former instrument of punishment consisting of a chair in which an offender was tied to be plunged into water.
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Noun1.ducking stool - an instrument of punishment consisting of a chair in which offenders were ducked in waterducking stool - an instrument of punishment consisting of a chair in which offenders were ducked in water
instrument of punishment - an instrument designed and used to punish a condemned person
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Until they have the jury is out and Tom doesn't deserve the ducking stool.
They should have made an example of the low life Geraldine Shaw They should bring back the ducking stool and give him a taste of his own medicine
Before the Pool was covered, women were punished on a ducking stool at the bottom of Dale Street.
The Berwick-based writer, who as journalist Barbara Henderson worked for The Journal and BBC Radio Newcastle, made her debut with In Too Deep, an accomplished thriller involving a country fair and a medieval-style ducking stool.
The Ducking Stool has been in top form this season and bolted up in a 1m6f handicap here in July off a mark 7lb lower than today's.
Gilxs Wendes | I've heard that the last trial for witchcraft in Cardiff was in 1977 and that they still have a ducking stool hidden away in the depths of City Hall somewhere.
10 1 LACONICOS (IRE) (Miss C Scott) 9-2JtF 2 The Ducking Stool (5-1) 3 James Pollard (9-2 Jt Fav) 12 ran 3/4, 41/2.
The Olde Bulls Head in Castle Street, Beaumaris, was built in 1472 and, according to The Good Pub Guide, its two illustrious visitors would find much of it familiar today, with its low beams, log fire and even a ducking stool.
There are many who think Stoke's tactics come straight out of the Middle Ages: Ordeal by Long Throw was probably an alternative to the witches' ducking stool.
The stocks were used for those who were perceived to have offended the public as was the ducking stool, these were viewed as shaming punishments.
Next Guy will suggest stocks or a ducking stool for all smokers and I will wager this impartial non-smoking 'Guy' has his very own Iron maiden at the ready.