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A hairstyle in which the hair is swept back at the sides to meet in an upturned point in back.


(Hairdressing & Grooming) another name for duck's arse


1. Dictionary of Americanisms.
2. District Attorney.



n., pl. DAs, DA's.
a hairstyle in which the hair is slicked back on both sides to overlap at the back of the head like a duck's tail. Also called ducktail .
[euphemistic abbr. of duck's ass]


1. daughter.
2. day.


1. delayed action.
2. direct action.
3. District Attorney.
4. doesn't answer.
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From Chevros, walrus, handlebars, French forks to ducktails, these men are going all out to not just make a point but also to have some fun along the way.
Try these: Ducktails, St Catherine; Joanna Newsome, Divers Rating .....
Try these: Ducktails, St Catherine; Joanna Newsome, Divers Rating EDITORS - IN DREAM EDITORS, once easily definable as the Joy Division fan's favourite current band, had become just another indie rock act by the time of 2013's lacklustre The Weight Of Your Love.
Ducktails is a side project of American band Real Estate's guitarist Matt Mondanile, and fans of the band's melodic, simplistic tunesmithery will feel right at home with St Catherine.
Ducktails The Flower Lane MATT Mondanile may wear his influences on his sleeve as he steps out of the home and into the studio for his fourth album.
Still, The Flower Lane, Mondanile's loose, lush new solo record as Ducktails, maintains a certain small-town vibe.
pounds 380NIP to Norfolk and relax in traditional brick and flint cottage Ducktails in South Creake, 15 minutes' drive from the north Norfolk coast.
I do not know if I actually saw it--from so many rows away--but I knew, as he stood there erect in his ducktails, surrounded by the finest of the species, at the very apex of an incredible career, the ovation ringing in his ears, I knew he was probably thinking of his father, his childhood of impossible yearnings in Trinidad, his many years of deep frustration in England, and the long journey done all alone with nothing for company except memories and ambition.
When servicemen apprehended those wearing zoot suits, they usually beat them; some defrocked their victims, cut their relatively long ducktails, and destroyed their clothing.
Aside from references to occasional opposition to military service, Poiger does not demonstrate that the kids who raced motorcycles, wore ducktails or tight sweaters, and rioted outside Bill Haley concerts saw themselves as rebels against the political system, gender norms, or reigning cultural hierarchies.
In the 1950s boys wore cuffed blue jeans, white shirts, and ducktails. Girls wore pleated skirts, ponytails, and saddle shoes.