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1. An often enclosed passage or channel for conveying a substance, especially a liquid or gas.
2. Anatomy A tubular bodily canal or passage, especially one for carrying a glandular secretion: a tear duct.
3. A tube or pipe for enclosing electrical cables or wires.
tr.v. duct·ed, duct·ing, ducts
1. To channel through a duct: duct the moist air away.
2. To supply with ducts.

[Latin ductus, act of leading, from past participle of dūcere, to lead; see deuk- in Indo-European roots.]

duct′al adj.
duct′less adj.
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Adj.1.ductless - not having a duct; "ductless glands"
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A. ADJendocrino
B. CPD ductless gland Nglándula f endocrina
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These are among the ductless glands, the functions of which, both in physiology and in connection with the emotions, have only come to be known during recent years.
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Manufactured with Senville's signature leading edge ductless system technology, the latest collection will have dual, tri and quad zone systems available designed with sophistication that the brand is known for.
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