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Any of various small African antelopes of the genera Cephalophus, Philantomba, or Sylvicapra, having short, backward-pointing horns and inhabiting forests or thickets.

[Afrikaans, from Dutch duiken, to dive, from Middle Dutch dūken.]
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(ˈdaɪˌkə) or


n, pl -kers or -ker
1. (Animals) Also called: duikerbok any small antelope of the genera Cephalophus and Sylvicapra, occurring throughout Africa south of the Sahara, having short straight backward-pointing horns, pointed hooves, and an arched back
2. (Animals) South African any of several cormorants, esp the long-tailed shag (Phalacrocorax africanus)
[C18: via Afrikaans from Dutch duiker diver, from duiken to dive; see duck2]
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(ˈdaɪ kər)

n., pl. -kers, (esp. collectively) -ker.
any small African antelope of the genera Cephalophus and Sylvicapra, having short spikelike horns.
[1770–80; < Afrikaans, Dutch duiker diver]
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I ran to the bush --he had caught hold of a duiker buck, as big as himself, that was asleep in it.
The report further indicates that the police have also confiscated certain wildlife products such as, two live pangolins, a pangolin skin, a duiker, and four Oryx carcasses.
You might also spot some of the resident wildlife such as banded mongoose, genet cats, Sykes monkeys, common duiker, African civets or the rare side-striped jackals.
Though this season has been a nightmare and one to forget for Chiefs, they did get to enjoy a high point in the early stages of the second round as they went on a five games unbeaten run, while under the guidance of Tumie Duiker, who appeared to have sailed the Chiefs' ship to safer shores.
What sort of creature is a duiker? A An antelope B Adog C Abear D A rodent 8.
The species are: African elephant, African lion, black rhinoceros, white rhinoceros, Jentink's duiker, plains zebra, mountain zebra, hippopotamus, and striped hyena.
What type of animal is a duiker? A Bird B Lizard C Deep-sea fish D Antelope 11.
They've taken a couple of huge forest sitatungas, which maybe the most difficult of all, and most hunters add forest duikers. We saw bay, Peters,' and blue duikers, and much sign of the big yellowback duiker, but Jason didn't have time and I'd had these from previous safaris.
Watch gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, lemurs, the pygmy hippo, mandrill, duiker, okapi, bongo, African lions, and greater and lesser flamingos monkeying around at the park's African Village.
Here visitors can see various wildlife such as jackal, leopard, serval, hartebeest, bush baby, spotted hyena, buffalo, warthog, oribi, red fronted gazelle, red flanked duiker, bushbuck, patas monkey, green monkey etc.
In addition to the bongo, Hatwood said, three or four of the center's sable antelope, two or three eland and a duiker also are probably pregnant.
Chimpanzees in the "Waibira" tribe, which researchers have monitored for only five years, tend to hunt alone for a small deer species called a red duiker. These deer are relatively easy to hunt alone, compared to colobus monkeys, which are easier to hunt in groups.