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or duk·kah  (do͝ok′ə)
An Egyptian spice blend of toasted and ground nuts, seeds, and herbs, such as hazelnuts, sesame, coriander, and cumin, used as a topping for meat or vegetables or as a dry dip for bread coated with olive oil.

[Egyptian colloquial Arabic daqqa, from Arabic, powder, from daqqa, yaduqqu, to crush, pulverize, and daqqa, yadiqqu, to be fine, thin; akin to Hebrew dāqaq, to crush, beat into small pieces, and Akkadian daqqu, pulverized, fine.]
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(ˈdʊkə) or


(Cookery) a mix of ground roast nuts and spices, originating in Egypt, and used for sprinkling on meat or as a dip
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Roasting the beetroot concentrated its sweet, earthy flavors, and brought out a faint nuttiness that was heightened by a sprinkling of dukka (an Egyptian spice blend made out of nuts, coriander, and cumin, among others).
A seasonal brunch and lunch menu will be served until 4pm, with dishes including French toast made from homemade croissant loaf, pear, creme fraiche and granola (PS6.50); hot smoked trout with potato, dill and caper salad (PS8.50); and merguez sausages with fried egg, labneh, dukka, pickled turnip and zhoug on toast (PS8.75), as well as a changing selection of specials, sweet and savoury pastries, salads and soups.
For starters, Sir Paul dined on new season courgette soup, basil pesto, fresh sourdough; whole roasted carrot, Colston Bassett Stilton, dukka spice and barrel-aged feta, cucumber, red onion and tomato salad.
some of the resistance seen in Dukka, but again its decision lacks
We started with superb focaccia, springy as memory foam, freshly baked that afternoon and served with good quality rapeseed oil and dukka for dipping.
This leads to further dialogue with Eastern thought, in particular the Buddhist tradition and its prominent focus on the notion of suffering or dukka. In this section less attention is paid to showing the relevance of existentialism to Buddhism (for example, Aho refers to Schopenhauer on suffering rather than to Kierkegaard or Sartre on the concepts of angst and despair) than to explaining how the four noble truths can illuminate existential thinking.
"Cooking With Yogurt," taught by Janet Fletcher, is based on her new book, "Yogurt Feast: Sweet & Savory Recipes for Entertaining." Menu includes Fresh Pineapple Lassi; Smoky Eggplant Salad With Pita Crisps; Chilled Avocado and Yogurt Soup With Tomato Salsa; Harissa Roasted Chicken With Sweet Pepper; Warm Spinach With Brown Butter, Yogurt & Dukka; and Indian Yogurt Pudding With Saffron, Cardamom and Toasted Nuts (Shrikhand).
The spinach salad has a nutty, moreish sesame dressing and chunks of poached chicken, while the heirloom tomatoes are topped with creamy dollops of goat cheese and a crunchy mix of nuts and spices called dukka. But the real winner in my eyes was the tangy lentil salad; studded with a dice of celery and crunchy picked carrots, it was a study in earthiness.
Buddha taught the dharma of no-self (anatman) or emptiness (sunyata) associated with impermanence and life-as-suffering (dukka).
18 to 24, a new episode of "Eat Well, Be Happy'' premieres on Channel 8 with Debra's Natural Gourmet sharing recipes for mango chia pudding, kelp noodle salad and Egyptian chicken (or tofu) with dukka. Also on Channel 8, the next installment from "Medicare and More,'' where The Shine series explores and guides you through supplemental plans.