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1. A narrow, often hourglass-shaped stringed instrument having three or four strings and a fretted fingerboard, typically held flat across the knees while sitting and played by plucking or strumming. Also called Appalachian dulcimer, mountain dulcimer.
2. The hammered dulcimer.

[Alteration (influenced by Latin dulcis, sweet) of Middle English doucemer, from Old French doulcemer, doulcemele, probably from Latin dulce melos, sweet song : dulce, neuter of dulcis, sweet + melos, song (from Greek).]


1. (Instruments) a tuned percussion instrument consisting of a set of strings of graduated length stretched over a sounding board and struck with a pair of hammers
2. (Instruments) an instrument used in US folk music, consisting of an elliptical body, a fretted fingerboard, and usually three strings plucked with a goose quill
[C15: from Old French doulcemer, from Old Italian dolcimelo, from dolce sweet, from Latin dulcis + -melo, perhaps from Greek melos song]


(ˈdʌl sə mər)

1. a trapezoidal zither with metal strings that are struck with light hammers.
2. a modern folk instrument with three or four strings plucked or strummed with the fingers.
[1560–70; alter. of Middle English dowcemere < Middle French doulcemer, dissimilated variant of doulcemele < early Italian dolcimelo,dolzemele < Latin dulce melos sweet song]
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Noun1.dulcimer - a stringed instrument used in American folk musicdulcimer - a stringed instrument used in American folk music; an elliptical body and a fretted fingerboard and three strings
stringed instrument - a musical instrument in which taut strings provide the source of sound
2.dulcimer - a trapezoidal zither whose metal strings are struck with light hammers
cither, zither, zithern - a musical stringed instrument with strings stretched over a flat sounding board; it is laid flat and played with a plectrum and with fingers


[ˈdʌlsɪməʳ] Ndulcémele m


nCymbal nt, → Hackbrett nt
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For the same reason many of the ancient instruments were thrown aside, as the dulcimer and the lyre; as also those which were to inspire those who played on them with pleasure, and which required a nice finger and great skill to play well on.
Her recordings and performances on folk festival stages introduced many people to the instrument for the first time, and she and George, together with members of their family, built and sold many dulcimers, starting in the 1950s, from a shop beneath the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, New York.
The tours, trail and crafts will also be available on Sunday, when there will be music from the Nonsuch Dulcimers and refreshments from the Friends of Red House.
session will cover mountain dulcimers and the 3:00 pm.
Ultimately acquiring forty-two dulcimers, mostly from Ohio but also from Kentucky and other areas of the Upper Ohio River Valley, her dulcimer collection began with Wade Martin.
Wooden flutes, fiddles, Celtic harps, mountain dulcimers, and my favorite, the hammer dulcimer, are available to try out and purchase.
Like other hammered dulcimers from around the world, the yangqin consists of a trapezoidal resonating chamber that is capped by a thin wooden soundboard.
In the 1930s several richer Moravian ensembles acquired such dulcimers and the new form replaced the small portable dulcimer, which is only rarely used today.
The kids were delighted to pick up and use concertinas, banjos, mandolins, djembes, bodhrans, autoharps, ukuleles and dulcimers to list but a few.
In addition to banjos, the talented craftsman from Louin builds an array of musical instruments, including guitars, dulcimers, mandolins, violins, and the novel washtub base.
Saying you hardly notice Geoff Smith doesn't sound like the greatest of compliments as he tours around the country armed with three prototype hammered dulcimers.