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So saying, and commending himself with all his heart to his lady Dulcinea, imploring her to support him in such a peril, with lance in rest and covered by his buckler, he charged at Rocinante's fullest gallop and fell upon the first mill that stood in front of him; but as he drove his lance-point into the sail the wind whirled it round with such force that it shivered the lance to pieces, sweeping with it horse and rider, who went rolling over on the plain, in a sorry condition.
All that night Don Quixote lay awake thinking of his lady Dulcinea, in order to conform to what he had read in his books, how many a night in the forests and deserts knights used to lie sleepless supported by the memory of their mistresses.
Don Quixote was, as has been said, speaking to the lady in the coach: "Your beauty, lady mine," said he, "may now dispose of your person as may be most in accordance with your pleasure, for the pride of your ravishers lies prostrate on the ground through this strong arm of mine; and lest you should be pining to know the name of your deliverer, know that I am called Don Quixote of La Mancha, knight-errant and adventurer, and captive to the peerless and beautiful lady Dulcinea del Toboso: and in return for the service you have received of me I ask no more than that you should return to El Toboso, and on my behalf present yourself before that lady and tell her what I have done to set you free."
Don Quixote, feeling the weight of this prodigious blow, cried aloud, saying, "O lady of my soul, Dulcinea, flower of beauty, come to the aid of this your knight, who, in fulfilling his obligations to your beauty, finds himself in this extreme peril." To say this, to lift his sword, to shelter himself well behind his buckler, and to assail the Biscayan was the work of an instant, determined as he was to venture all upon a single blow.
He meets the flirtatious innkeeper's daughter Kitri , whom he mistakes for his lady love Dulcinea. Kitri is in love with the poor but personable barber Basilio but her father disapproves of the match.
Readers of Don Quixote may be surprised to find out that there is no lady love for Don Quixote, who serves and pines for Dulcinea del Toboso, a figment of his imagination based on the women of the romances of chivalry.
They both sing the title song "Man of La Mancha.'' Other well known songs from the musical include "Dulcinea'' and "Impossible Dream.''
In part II he loses control over his own creation, over both the world appropriate to a knight-errant (castles instead of inns, giants instead of windmills) and over Dulcinea. Other people now present him with real castles, with real knights-errant to challenge him to battle, and what is worse, with a Dulcinea who is not the product of his own desire and his own imagination.
Dulcinea Goncalves Teixeira, Simone Machado Pereira, Ana Paula Chaves de Araujo, Maria Angelica Miglino.