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That place [before] wasn't a bad place - I was just a dumb-ass. I no longer think it is my business what people think of me.
The only thing that's missing is a guy to yell, "Hey, dumb-ass! The slot for the cross piece goes on top, not on the bottom!" Once I figured that out, it was simple to set up by myself.
We got all rowdy again, started taking off our pants and running into cars on the street, just being dumb-ass Americans.
Fully bent on adding invidious insult to already egregious injury, they let it zip and zap all over the place, reducing the show's already self-admitted dumb-ass contributors to even more abysmally dimwitted idiots.
You are graduating into a tragic, dumb-ass comedy" - Actor Robert De Niro, below, a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, in an address to students.
You are graduating into a tragic, dumb-ass comedy" - Actor Robert De Niro (pictured), a critic of President Donald Trump, addressing students.
"By being here tonight, you are supporting arts for everyone," he said."You're supporting the slapstick of Charlie Chaplin, the great body of work of Marty Scorsese and Barry Levinson, the dumb-ass comedies of Robert De Niro, the 'overrated performances of Meryl Streep' and your own taste and needs."
When he asked his teacher to teach it to his special-needs class, she said, "If ya'all dumb-ass kids can't count to one thousand, how do you expect to do this question when it contains numbers and letters?"
But what kind of dumb-ass terrorist leaves a Facebook trail wide enough for an army to track and then posts confirmation of his crimes online?
They even named their two-man syndicate Dumb-Ass Partners after overhearing a stablehand say they were fools, and many thought they were certifiably insane when they turned down a $6 million offer to sell a 51 percent share of their star colt after he won the Santa Anita Derby.
You have to think Harry is a bit of a dumb-ass for throwing all his clothes off and letting himself be photographed by a bunch of strangers.
All we get is the stupid, teary-weary, dumb-ass letter you're going to write.