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Noun1.dumbass - a stupid persondumbass - a stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence
dolt, dullard, pillock, poor fish, pudden-head, pudding head, stupe, stupid, stupid person - a person who is not very bright; "The economy, stupid!"
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Let's say here that the literary-cultural matter doesn't go above (doesn't drop below) the publisher level: every dumbass moves in relation to a possible publication, and now literature is shitting itself (momentarily) because of the political opening up that it is demanding to fill a vacuum of political books, obviously political books, other levels of the same old rigamarole that doesn't interest us.
There was that dumbass phrase someone had put in her head.
An online meme falsely quoted him saying the #NoDAPL protesters were "dirty natives with their phony spirituality and dumbass ecological concerns.
We've been through the shit--the real shit together--and as your bro, I'm telling you straight up--this plan of yours is fucking dumbass as hell.
a friend to whom he relays his Batman encounter via text asks, "figure he's always been dumbass," the teen replies.
A budding Chinese Sherlock Holmes meets his dumbass Watson in Bangkok and solves a locked-room murder in singer-actor-director Chen Sicheng's "Detective Chinatown," a carefully constructed mystery that blends screechy comedy and crazed action in high-spirited but somewhat ungainly fashion.
TIGER WOODS called himself a dumbass when his long-awaited comeback hit the skids at Augusta yesterday.
He later added: "Newly discovered #foxnewsfacts reveal that classic Three Musketeers was really about three Brummie Mujahids known to US author Alexander Dumbass.
No, you dumbass, if this nigga wasn't doing some stupid nigga shit like riding around in his aunt's car with no license, smoking weed, and doing 80 in a 30, he wouldn't be fucking arrested right now," he says.
Whether Rabbit's dealing with marriage, affairs, the death of parents and children, war, Japanese imports, home renovations, Reaganomics, a drug-addicted black radical, or a drug-addicted dumbass son, the overall effects are hilarious, scouring, scandalous, melancholic, outraged, despairing, and above all else penetrating about one American's life and American life itself, both of which come across, in Updike's most lasting achievement, as somehow at once exceptional and mundane.
Wisely acknowledging that there's "a thin line between badass and dumbass," she broke her diet by chewing on a sugary energy bar.