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So shocked or astonished as to be rendered speechless.


(ˈdʌmˌstrʌk) or


temporarily deprived of speech through shock or surprise



also dumb•strick•en

(-ˌstrɪk ən)

temporarily deprived of the power of speech, as by surprise or confusion; dumbfounded.
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Adj.1.dumbstruck - as if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise; "a circle of policement stood dumbfounded by her denial of having seen the accident"; "the flabbergasted aldermen were speechless"; "was thunderstruck by the news of his promotion"
surprised - taken unawares or suddenly and feeling wonder or astonishment; "surprised by her student's ingenuity"; "surprised that he remembered my name"; "a surprised expression"


[ˈdʌmstrʌk] ADJ we were dumbstrucknos quedamos mudos de asombro


[ˈdʌmstrʌk] adj (= speechless) → sans voix
to be dumbstruck → rester sans voixdumb waiter dumbwaiter [ˌdʌmˈweɪtər] n (= lift) → monte-plats m


[ˈdʌmˌstrʌk] adj to be dumbstruckrestare senza parole
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More particularly talks about what to do about the sexual crisis and it is a crisis that has turned a loquacious and garrulous populace into dumbstruck stones.
Nakatulala, nakakaiyak, nagulat ako (I was dumbstruck, crying, shocked).
SEEING the picture of a suspect arrested for a bus bombing in Germany, being led to court without handcuffs, (Dec 22) had me dumbstruck.
I was deemed too young to go to Siegfried's funeral, but, a month later, I was still dumbstruck when my mother, choking up at her father's gravesite, asked me to pray to God for his soul.
I am dumbstruck and thinking of all those affected by this attack.
Everyone present saw it, but noone moved or spoke as it glared down with flaming, fiendish glances to leave all guests dumbstruck.
This made me dumbstruck, that someone would happily speak to random strangers on public transport and try to help them in any way they can.
Brazil striker Fred looks dumbstruck as the German players celebrate Sami Khedira's strike in the first-half of last night's game in Belo Horizonte
Photo and video messaging platform Dumbstruck introduced on iOS in December 2013, but has recently been upgraded with a variety of new features, in response to user feedback.
The Hatters raced into a fourgoal lead after 18 minutes and the home side were left dumbstruck.
The Dutch striker said he and his team-mates were left dumbstruck when Fergie told them last month that he was ending his 26-year reign as United boss.
The digital disfigurement has left North Korea laughing and the photoshop world dumbstruck, Stuff.