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Noun1.dumdum bullet - a soft-nosed small-arms bullet that expands when it hits a target and causes a gaping wound
bullet, slug - a projectile that is fired from a gun
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In addition, X-rays of JFK's skull reveal dozens of small fragments, which indicate the bullet was a hollow point or dumdum bullet instead of military ammunition like Oswald had.
He added: "I was told I was hit by a Gerry sniper in the shoulder and back by a dumdum bullet. When I woke up I was in the ARP (Air Raid Precautions)."
Israeli troops opened fire, the grandson was hit by a bullet -- a prohibited dumdum bullet, he says -- which injured his spinal cord, liver and kidneys.
As I recall, a motivation for the DumDum bullet was the need to stop fanatics, who with the assistance of various drugs, were able to press an attack even after having been hit with one or more conventional rounds.
The second charge of conspiracy theorists is that Goodwin was shot with a dumdum bullet, that is, a bullet designed to expand or mushroom on impact and create wounds more deadly than those of a military bullet.
jacketed softnose, because hollow points were seen as politically incorrect "dumdum bullets." This is not a dig against the Brits: In the year 1987, neither NYPD nor LAPD had hollow points yet, either.
The Labour MP, who was also stabbed in the back, tried to crawl away as he fired dumdum bullets at her head at close range.
Taqou mayor Tayseer Abu Mfrah told WAFA that Israeli forces shot 18-year-old Mohammad al-badan in his abdomen with dumdum bullets, which is designed to expand on impact to produce a larger diameter wound, causing him an internal bleeding and fracturing his pelvic.
Shortly before his arrest, Gibbs threw away a bag which was later found to contain another pistol, loaded and ready to be fired with deadly dumdum bullets.