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also dum·found (dŭm′found′)
tr.v. dumb·found·ed, dumb·found·ing, dumb·founds also dum·found·ed or dum·found·ing or dum·founds
To fill with astonishment and perplexity; confound. See Synonyms at surprise.

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Adj.1.dumfounding - bewildering or striking dumb with wonderdumfounding - bewildering or striking dumb with wonder
incredible, unbelievable - beyond belief or understanding; "at incredible speed"; "the book's plot is simply incredible"
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The intensity of his performance at The Kings Hall was unforgettable, utterly dumfounding. Thousands of people crawling over each other towards this force of nature, like moths to a flame, blatantly hypnotised.
Laverick claimed the pick of the goals, dumfounding the Derwent keeper with an inspired finish, while Bowles logged a drag flick and a penalty while Alex Grafton weighed in with a reverse-stick rocket and a neat short-corner conversion.
In fact, I have found it dumfounding over the years.