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A song, especially a Slavic folk song, that has alternating happy and sad passages.

[Slovak, Ukrainian folk song, from Ukrainian, diminutive of duma, thought, memory, narrative poem, of Germanic origin; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]


a piece of Slavonic music that typically has abrupt changes in mood from sadness to joya Slavonic lyrical song(as modifier)


(ˈdʊm kə)

n., pl. -ky (-kē).
a Slavic folk song that alternates in character between sadness and gaiety.
[1890–95; < Czech < Ukrainian dúmka, orig. diminutive of dúma a genre of narrative folk poetry]
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The Dumkas can serve as a small example of the difference in conception between the two sets.
58 in a version for soloists, choir and piano, the piano trio Dumkas op.
The Dumkas with their mood contrasts emerge on this CD almost as symphonic poems, while the Piano Trio in F minor approaches a real symphony not only in terms of proportion, but above all in overall conception and sound.
The technical and musical difficulty of Chopin concerts and Prokofiev sonatas has prepared me so well that I don't have any problems with Dvorak's Dumkas or Smetana's piano trio.