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(do͝om′kôf′, -kôpf′, dŭm′-)
A stupid person; a dolt.

[German : dumm, dumb (from Middle High German tump, tumb, from Old High German tumb) + Kopf, head (from Middle High German, cup, cranium, from Old High German, cup, ultimately from Late Latin cuppa; see cup).]


another word for dumbhead
relating to an idiot or the behaviour of an idiot
[C19: from German dumm dumb + Kopf head]


(ˈdʊmˌkɔf, -ˌkɔpf, ˈdʌm-)

Slang. a stupid person; blockhead.
[1800–10, Amer.; < German, =dumm dumb + Kopf head]
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A mentally dull person:
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49) Pratt accepted Layton's desire to "open the door for real living poetry" (50)--the typescript included poems that were overtly vulgar, sexual, and satirical of the bourgeoisie--but she balked at his use of "rod-assed" and his reference to the reader as a dummkopf in his draft foreword to the volume and urged him to consider alternate phrasing.
Dieter is, then, no better than a CIA agent at charting his own success or foreseeing the future course of history (and perhaps the Maestro and his archenemy, the Dummkopf, are also limited in this respect).
Nur ein Dummkopf weiss immer, was er sagen wird, wohingegen ein kluger Mensch stets mit berucksichtigt, dass etwas Uberraschendes geschehen kann.
bessert unmittelbar; bessert, ohne dass wir selbst etwas dazu beitragen durften, bessert den Mann von Verstande sowohl als den Dummkopf (Werke, iv, 175).
When interviewed, the dog said: 'Zank you for spoiling ze surprise, dummkopf - but I vood rather haff had ein kilo of zozzages, ein packet ov crisps, und ein roll in pigscheidt - und she could haff saved $995.