dummy up

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n. pl. dum·mies
1. An imitation of a real or original object, intended to be used as a practical substitute.
a. A mannequin used in displaying clothes.
b. A figure of a person or an animal manipulated by a ventriloquist.
c. A stuffed or pasteboard figure used as a target.
d. Football A heavy stuffed cylindrical bag used for blocking and tackling practice.
3. A stupid person; a dolt.
4. A silent or taciturn person.
a. Law A person or entity that is the named party to a transaction but that acts on behalf of another concealed person or entity. Also called nominee, straw person.
b. A person or an agency secretly in the service of another.
6. Printing
a. One of a set of model pages with text and illustrations pasted into place to direct the printer. Also called dummy page.
b. A set of bound blank pages used as a model to show the size and general appearance of a book being published.
7. Games
a. The partner in bridge who exposes his or her hand to be played by the declarer.
b. The hand thus exposed.
8. Computers A character or other piece of information entered into a computer only to meet prescribed conditions, such as word length, and having no effect on operations.
1. Simulating or replacing something but lacking its function: a dummy pocket; a dummy medication in a study.
2. Serving as a front or cover for another: a dummy corporation.
3. Games Played with a dummy.
4. Computers Entered or provided only to meet prescribed conditions: a dummy variable.
tr.v. dum·mied, dum·my·ing, dum·mies Printing
To make a model of (a publication or page).
Phrasal Verb:
dummy up Slang
To keep silent; give no information.

[From dumb.]
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Verb1.dummy up - make a dummy of; "dummy up the books that are to be published"
produce, create, make - create or manufacture a man-made product; "We produce more cars than we can sell"; "The company has been making toys for two centuries"
2.dummy up - refuse to talk or stop talkingdummy up - refuse to talk or stop talking; fall silent; "The children shut up when their father approached"
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We're at what I call the "break over point"; once you've mastered this step things get better and far more positive, so be ready to encourage and praise the correct response once your dog picks the dummy up on command and turns with a confident "smile," you can start to call yourself a dog trainer.
You can give them a dummy up to a certain age, then just chuck it away.