dump off


w>dump off

vt sep (inf) will you dump me off on the way home?kannst du mich auf der Rückfahrt absetzen?
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"'Twill be convenient in the way of greeting when he backs up to dump off the good luck."
If people have to drive to Short Mountain, wait in line and then dump their garbage into the landfill, we know they will be tempted to take a shorter drive into the woods and dump off a landing.
"A lot of traders are afraid of funds, which might dump off stocks ahead of year-end, But I don't think so, as the market has already breached key supports in area of 3,000 levels," said Al Ashri.
You can see that microbes make nano wires to dump off excess electrons, Criddle added.
"You can see that the microbes make nano-wires to dump off their excess electrons," said co-author Craig Criddle, a professor in the department of civil and environmental engineering.
Dump off plane well off the island and pole in toward it.
It opens with the image of a baby blue delivery truck, which Min uses to dump off all the trinkets documenting her relationship with Ed: two bottle caps, a movie ticket, a pinhole camera, a note, a protractor, books, a comb from a motel room, and more.
In September 2011, ADEM cited Carl Talley for operating an unauthorized solid waste dump off Popes Chapel Road.
Once the air is behind the cups, the cups dump off the air and shoot it down.
In the past few weeks, firms such as Merrill Lynch, UBS and, on Monday, Citigroup, have announced write offs in the third quarter that resulted from having to dump off securities at a discount in order to attract bond buyers but that have eroded profits.
Now you and I would probably just try and re-pack or pass some onto friends or just dump off some of our sun-cream.