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dump·y 1

adj. dump·i·er, dump·i·est
Short and stout; squat.

[Probably from dump, lump.]

dump′i·ly adv.
dump′i·ness n.

dum·py 2

adj. dump·i·er, dump·i·est
Resembling a dump, as in shabbiness; disreputable: a dumpy apartment building.
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Noun1.dumpiness - a short and stout physique
body-build, build, physique, habitus - constitution of the human body
قُصْر وَبَدانَه
feitlaginn og lágvaxinn í útliti


(ˈdampi) adjective
short and thick or fat. a dumpy little woman.
ˈdumpiness noun
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A shift in temperature is also crucial for the dumpiness of snow.
A true measure of available surface area on a natural reef has not been made; clearly, the degree of dumpiness of oysters, however, is important, as clumps are an important mechanism by which more than one surface of a shell remains exposed for recruitment and also clumps generate vertical complexity.
The explosion's shock wave (and whatever traveled with it) would have preserved the sloshing star's dumpiness.