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Noun1.dumplings - small balls or strips of boiled or steamed doughdumplings - small balls or strips of boiled or steamed dough
alimentary paste, pasta - shaped and dried dough made from flour and water and sometimes egg
gnocchi - (Italian) a small dumpling made of potato or flour or semolina that is boiled or baked and is usually served with a sauce or with grated cheese
matzah ball, matzo ball, matzoh ball - a Jewish dumpling made of matzo meal; usually served in soup
won ton, wonton - a Chinese dumpling filled with spiced minced pork; usually served in soup
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they had dumplings too; small, but substantial, symmetrically globular, and indestructible dumplings.
"We'll see whether he gives up or not when I take a sharp knife to him," her mother answered; "and as to his looks, a platter full o' gravy makes a sight o' difference with old roosters, and I'll put dumplings round the aidge; they're turrible fillin', though they don't belong with boiled chicken."
PERSEVERANCE: I will give you the recipe for dumplings you ask for.
But the fare was of the most substantial kind --not only meat and potatoes, but dumplings; good heavens!
How is the son of a British yeoman, who has been fed principally on salt pork and yeast dumplings, to know that there is satiety for the human stomach even in a paradise of glass jars full of sugared almonds and pink lozenges, and that the tedium of life can reach a pitch where plum-buns at discretion cease to offer the slightest excitement?
The platter was fairly heaped with a fine stew, smoking hot, with many kinds of vegetables and dumplings and a rich, delicious gravy.
Sliced tomatoes, with sugar or Apple dumplings, with real vinegar.
'I'm told the dumplings is uncommon fine down there,' said William.
So presently a savory stew of tripe and onions, with sweet little fat dumplings, was set before him, likewise a good stout pottle of Malmsey, and straightway the holy friar fell to with great courage and heartiness, so that in a short time nought was left but a little pool of gravy in the center of the platter, not large enow to keep the life in a starving mouse.
(whose name was Samuel Whiskers),-- "Anna Maria, make me a kitten dumpling roly-poly pudding for my dinner."
"Sausage dumpling and apple turnover!" shouted the boy, which set them all laughing.
Why, it would be as flabby as a Norfolk dumpling. Ambitious people are the leaven which raises it into wholesome bread.