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The location of a dump, especially a garbage dump.


a dump where refuse is discarded



1. to drop or let fall in a mass; fling down or drop heavily or suddenly: Dump the topsoil here.
2. to unload or empty out (a container), as by tilting or overturning.
3. to empty out, as from a container.
4. to be dismissed, fired, or released from a contract.
5. Informal. to transfer or rid oneself of suddenly and irresponsibly: Don't dump your troubles on me!
6. Informal. to end a romantic relationship with (someone) unexpectedly and without mutual consent.
a. to put (goods or securities) on the market in large quantities and at a low price, esp. in an attempt to reduce losses.
b. to sell (goods) into foreign markets below cost in an effort to destroy foreign competition.
8. to output (computer data), often in binary or hexadecimal form, esp. to diagnose a failure.
9. to fall or drop down suddenly.
10. to throw away or discard garbage, refuse, etc.
11. to release contents: a sewage pipe that dumps in the ocean.
12. dump on,
a. to criticize harshly; abuse.
b. to unload one's problems onto (another person).
13. an accumulation of discarded garbage, refuse, etc.
14. Also called dumpsite , dumping-ground. a place where garbage, refuse, etc., is deposited.
15. a collection of ammunition, military stores, etc., deposited at some point, as near a battlefront, for distribution.
16. the act of dumping.
17. Informal. a place, house, or town that is dilapidated, dirty, or disreputable.
18. a copy of dumped computer data.
[1250–1300; Middle English (in sense “to fall suddenly”) < Old Norse dumpa strike, bump]
dump′er, n.
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Noun1.dumpsite - a piece of land where waste materials are dumpeddumpsite - a piece of land where waste materials are dumped
eitchen midden, kitchen midden, midden - (archeology) a mound of domestic refuse containing shells and animal bones marking the site of a prehistoric settlement
garbage heap, junk heap, junk pile, refuse heap, rubbish heap, scrapheap, trash heap, trash pile - an accumulation of refuse and discarded matter
toxic dumpsite, toxic waste dump, toxic waste site - a location where toxic wastes can be or have been disposed of (often illegally)
land site, site - the piece of land on which something is located (or is to be located); "a good site for the school"
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By JUSTUS OCHIENG' EDDY ODHIAMBOKisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o has vowed to clear the Kachok dumpsite despite opposition by some residents.
The Sh28 billion Nairobi county government power project may be revived following City Hall's acquisition of Dandora dumpsite land title deed.
For example, the cities of Paranaque, Pasay, and Manila are making Manila Bay their garbage dumpsite and toilet.
Ginagawa nilang mini dumpsite ang kanilang mga junk shops.
MANILA, PhilippinesThe anti-graft court Sandiganbayan has acquitted Cabanatuan City mayor Julius Cesar "Jay" Vergara of a criminal case over his supposed failure to stop the operation of an open dumpsite being utilized by the city since the 1960s.
The dry season has also temporarily eased passage on the 2-kilometre stretch of dirt road that connects National Road 4 to the dumpsite, which is about 30 kilometres out of town.
It is unclear what the Environment Ministry could do if it did not agree with the CDR's management plan, as more than half of the old garbage mountain -- a Civil War era dumpsite -- had already been removed and used in reclamation at the Burj Hammoud site at the time of a CDR statement to The Daily Star on July 13.
The blazes that broke out at a large metals' factory dumpsite in Amghara Industrial Area, west of the capital, were put out later in the day.
The overall trend showed a slight decline on the total number of open dumpsite from 806 on 2008 to 523 on 2014.
This includes the major Bhalswa dumpsite fire in Delhi and the Deonar dumpsite fire in Mumbai, which has seriously endangered air quality in both cities.
A large quantity of waste was transported to dumpsite before the beginning of rainstorm to reduce the risk of blockage of rain water at choking points due to waste.